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LockSat Broadband

Why wait for ADSL?

Anywhere in Australia, residents and businesses now have access to broadband speeds, thanks to LockSat. LockSat is claimed to be the fastest one-way satellite internet solution available today.

This is a true alternative to ADSL. The technology behind this new system means it eliminates the lag that has traditionally dogged satellite internet in the past. The previous systems used earth stations in California, so before you get it data has probably crossed the Pacific six times. LockSat uses an earth station in Sydney to beam your data directly to the satellite and down to you.

LockSat users surf pages and download at the speed of ADSL anywhere in Australia. It is supported through our Locknet/24x7 nation wide dial up network using standard 56k modem, or 64/128k ISDN connection. Plans are based on a satellite data plus dial up account basis so you can pick a plan that suits your needs. As you can see below, LockSat starts at just $18.50 plus a regular dialup account.

How LockSat works
LockSat broadband subscribers establish an internet connection using either a 56k modem (PSTN), 64k or 128k ISDN call as is normally the case with standard internet connectivity. As you request information from the internet with that connection, the resultant traffic (download) is sent to a Satellite dish at your premises, the combination delivers a high speed broadband connection. You can link several computers together to use the same LockSat connection. (see diagram)

The LockSat difference LockSat broadband outperforms any other one way satellite on the market today. To enable the broadband speed, a special IP acceleration program transmits instructions directly to the satellite uplink station in Sydney for return to your dish that connects to your PC. Web pages are formatted and delivered at the speed of comparative products like ADSL or Fibre Optic. In addition, Web server file downloads such as Microsoft files and critical antivirus updates are delivered in seconds. Satellite users who currently utilize other one way services can easily switch to LockSat by re pointing their dish and purchasing the client software.

As an added benefit, LockSat broadband offers business clients and internet gamers a low latency connection by using only the landline PSTN or ISDN for connection to specific internet servers and VPN traffic. This process of switching between these applications and broadband browser traffic and
downloads is automatic and requires no configuration by the client.
Similarly, by turning off the IP acceleration program the request link to the earth station is disabled and subscribers can use a standard landline connection for receiving all data. This makes the LockSat system totally portable if travelling and not wishing to connect using your satellite equipment. It also means that you can switch off the satellite download to avoid excess charges if you are at your download limit.

  LockSat Plans  
Add a plan below to any standard Locknet 24x7 dialup plan.
Plan Name Plan Features Monthly Cost Inc. GST
LockSat 512k 250MB 250 MB download at 512k. Excess data charged at 11c/MB $18.50
LockSat 512k 500MB 500 MB download at 512k. Excess data charged at 11c/MB $27.50
LockSat 512k 1000MB 1000 MB download at 512k. Excess data charged at 11c/MB $35.00
LockSat 512k 2000MB 2000 MB download at 512k. Excess data charged at 11c/MB $47.50
LockSat 512k
1 GB Addon
Excess data charged at 11c/MB on all plans excepting 2000MB plans where an addon has been purchased.
Data in excess of 2000MB+Addon(s) charged at 8c/MB.
    Sign-up Now!
Dish + mount + PCI decoder card = $299 including delivery. Technician Installation if required: $190 approx., depending on location and site conditions.  
Dish + Mount + USB satellite decoder = $449 including delivery. Technician installation if required: $190 approx., depending on location and site conditions  
If you already have a servicable dish and suitable decoder you can use these.  
ex Telstra clients: The LNB and PCI Card supplied with a Telstra setup is unsuitable (the LNB is low quality, and the PCI card can't be reprogrammed to the proper frequency). We are doing a super special for Telstra clients who want to swap over:
$150 for LNB and Broadlogic PCI card and Accelleration Software.
Accelleration software - one license: $66  
All plans are payable in advance with excess data charges billed in arrears  
All Plans require payment of initial month plus Final Month in Advance before connection  
Plan suspension and variation can occur with notice before 7 days prior to of monthly cycle, an alteration fee of $5.50 applies  
30 day registered business invoice accounts are available - Contact Michael for approval  
Any standard Locknet 24x7 plan can be used for the return dialup connection, however if you wish to use your current provider a surcharge of $5.00per month will apply.  

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